How to clean an electric smoker

An electric smoker is a device invented for people who love smoked food, it works on electricity and it is very easy and convenient to use even for beginners. It is very crucial to clean the electric smokers as they are mechanical items so they require proper maintenance to work properly.  A person makes a serious investment while purchasing an electric smoker ( and one has to take good care of it to enjoy it services for years.

These mechanical units can last up to several years if they are properly taken care off. Several steps have to be taken care of while cleaning is considered of electric smokers one of the important things to be mentioned is the requirement of non-abrasive cleaners. If abrasive cleaning products are used then the smoker gets rusted and it will result in sticking of the cooking residue into it. It has to be taken care that the electric smoker has to be cleaned only after it is cooled down and if it is left for later then the task becomes much harder.

The first thing is to enjoy the meal and after cooling down of the electric smoker remove everything and begin the process of cleaning it out. Firstly the smoker chamber trays are removed and with the help of warm soapy water and damp cloth the trays are cleaned properly and allowed to dry. After this, the outer portion of the electric smoker is required to be clean up with warm soapy water and keep it for drying. Later the thermostats and temperature probes are cleaned which are located on the rear inside wall of the smoker, after cleaning it is necessary to wipe dry them. The crucial steps involved in cleaning the electric smokers are as follows:

Step 1: After every use

  • The ash must be removed from the smoke box which is carried out by pulling the ash collection tray out and then empty that tray into the bin. It is very important that the hot ashes are emptied into a plastic bin. After the ash box needs to be properly wiped with damp cloth.
  • The cooking racks are removed and washed, if anything is stacked in the trays they have to be soaked for 30-50 minutes and later the brush can be used to remove the heavy deposits.

Step 2: cleaning of the main smoker cooking chamber

  • In Step 1 the ash box and cooking racks are removed and the electric smoker is now left with the smoking chamber. Before cleaning it one should have to make sure that it is cooled down. With the help of a smooth, soft non-metal brush any residue in the chamber is removed. After this soapy water is used to scrubbing the interior surface of the smoker. After properly cleaning the chamber has to be wiped dry with the help of newspaper or some paper towel.

\ Step 3: cleaning of the external area of electric smoker

  • It is one of the easy parts, which only requires a cloth and warm soapy water and one has to properly wipe the surfaces dry after cleaning.

Step 4: cleaning of thermostats or temperature probes

  • It is very essential to clean the thermostats for accurate temperature readings. For this purpose damp cloth and soapy water is used and ultimately it is dried and there is no need to dismantle the electric smoker, there is only need to wipe over the surfaces.

Now the cleaning is almost done, and the above-mentioned steps sum up the cleaning process for an electric smoker.…