A spoon holder has become a necessity for every household. This necessity is often fulfilled by visiting markets for exotic goods. However, a craft as easy as a homemade spoon holder is easy to pull off at your home. You can even do it with things all readily available at your home. There is absolutely no need to rush to the market for such small things. Here, we bring to you a tutorial that can fulfill your spoon holder needs in a matter of few minutes. So, let us now begin with the steps that take you closer to it. 


The things you will need 

There is a small list of items that you will need for this process. The list is as follows: 

  • A Kiln 
  • Glaze brush 
  • An etching tool for leaves 
  • A cardboard template 
  • Some glazes 
  • A slip 
  • Some leaves
  • A rolling pin 
  • A clay clutter 
  • Some clay 

Make a spoon rest 

Grab a leaf and make a clay base for it. The base has to be fit the leaf. 

Now use your fingers to place the leaf into the base made of clay gently. The clay should have the veins indented on it. 

Now bring in the etching tool we asked you to keep prepared to remove excess clay clustered around the edges of the leaf. 

Now this leaf has to be lifted carefully up from the base made of clay. 

The leaf now has to be dried out. Make some balls with the remaining clay and carefully place them under the clay leaf to provide a shape to it. 

Consider using a sponge to polish and smoothen the clay leaf at its edges. This would make the leaf look clean. 

Now grab the cardboard and use it to carve another base with clay. 

Repeat the steps discussed earlier in order to obtain a smooth base made of clay. 

Roll this base so that a cylindrical space is obtained. Keep this cylinder aside. 

Now make a base for this cylinder with the help of clay. 

While removing the excess clay, make sure you leave a space of around a half inch at the circumference. 

Now use your fingers to give shape to the base. Do not forget to keep the other hand inside the cylinder to keep it from collapsing. 

Get some more leaves of the similar kind done. 

Use these leaves to form patterns on the outside of the cylinder. 

Use glaze to lend a hue to your spoon holder. 

Experiment with colors for a pleasing design. A clear glaze can, however, give a natural earthy color to your spoon holder. 

Thus, your homemade spoon holder is done with the minimum of efforts. 

Such a small DIY project could save you some money. We recommend that you do give it a try; and that you do so today itself. Happy carving! 

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