Your home is the place you fall back on, after a long day, after a round of chaos, after a tiring journey, after a hangover or after a happy time out with friends. In fact, if you love your home enough, you can call your friends over. Having spent a lot of time at your home, it might as well pass off mundane with the exact same settings and decor daily.

To tackle that particular feeling, we have worked out some ways in which you can give a modern look to your home in no time at all. Just follow the steps we have for you asunder and you would not be disappointed. 

Fake a window 

If your living room does not have a window, there is still nothing to worry. Modern houses have a way to counterfeit a window. Things as simple as decal can induce some optical illusions to pass off for a window. 

An idea to make space look bigger 

Modern households rely on open plan arrangements to make your spaces look bigger. There would be no physical extensions required. 

Refurbish your bathroom 

Modern bathrooms have become a fad these days. You can change your tiles into more vibrant ones and incorporate polished concrete for an edgy feel. 

Use minimal stuff in your bedroom 

Modern bedrooms are spacious. You can proceed by avoiding clutters in your bedroom by ruling out unnecessary furniture. Also, use some dim lightings to make your bedroom feel up to date with the era. 

Embellish your balcony 

Extra spaces such as balconies can be spruced up to create extra sitting spaces. An open space is a pioneer of modern housing. 

Spruce up your kitchen 

When talking about modernizing your home, your kitchen cannot be forgotten. You can incorporate modular kitchen with metallic appliances for a state-of-the-art modern look. 

Never settle 

A garden indoors can make your home look modern without any substantial effort. This technique is popular in this era of the housing. A small space can make for an aesthetically pleasing garden. 

Get a little creativity 

Place some cheap artwork in your hallways. These places make for good galleries. Modern art would obviously give a modern appeal. 

Make for a compact dining space 

The dining room is another thing that cannot be forgotten. The key to a modern dining room is in its compactness. The smaller yet more accommodating the dining area, the better the appeal. 

Play with colors 

Do not be afraid of playing with colors. Colors give an intense appeal to any corner of your home. Carefully chosen colors can radiate any kind of appeal. 

Play with mirrors 

Mirrors are magical. they can create an illusion of extended space. Careful placement of mirrors is a popular technique of modern homes. 

Do not be afraid to mix and match 

Mixing and matching is something that is never getting older. You can complement accent colors of couches in your living room for a modern appeal. 


With these ways, you rest assured that your home would never cease to look modern. Try them today. Happy decorating! 

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