The Ninja Blender is something that has made a mark for itself in the lending industry. It comes with a stunning stack of recipes that make the process of working with it, a happening experience. What is great about the Ninja Blender is that it is well suited to an environment at home. Vitamix, on the other hand, has dominated the blender market with a renowned brand trust that has been prevalent for years.

Ninja Blenders are so much better than Vitamix when compared on overall features. Here is a review of the best ninja blenders on the market, to help you figure out the best blender for yourself.

It must be noted that Vitamix is what the chefs have always been desiring and is seldom found at homes. In other words, the Vitamix is a professional machine. While that sounds like an open and shut case, there is a lot of this comparison to figure out the better product for you. Here is how we compare them. 

The price of products 

It is no joke that the price tag plays a pivotal role in the making of our decisions. For that purpose, we have researched a bit on the prices at which each of the blenders comes. The Ninja Blender would make it to your home at about 199 dollars. The Vitamix, on the contrary, has a hefty tag. Vitamix is sold at a price ranging between 450 and 750 dollars. 

Let us talk milkshakes 

There is hardly anyone who does not relish milkshakes. These delicious syrups make for awesome refreshments. Milkshake made with the Ninja Blender turned out to be intensely flavourful and thick whereas the Vitamix produced a milkshake that had thinner texture and was slightly aerated. However, both the machines could produce an equivalent taste. 

Let us talk juices 

The world is tending towards a healthier diet today. There is nothing healthier than a good glass of juice when your body craves for it. You must remember to invest in a juice machine that gives you the results best suited to yourself. So, we compared the two machines. We made this task harder for both the blenders. 

It, however, turned out that both the produces were near each other. The blenders could work up the ingredients very well. As observed in the case of milkshakes as well, the Vitamix came up with a relatively thinner juice. Both the products ended up with a significant amount of pulp, as could have been expected. The thicker juice from the Ninja Blender could be rectified with just water. 

The verdict 

Our tests with both the blenders gave us the following results: 

  • The Vitamix turned out to be a faster machine by some seconds. 
  • The Ninja was a bit more cumbersome when it came to disassembling. 
  • Considering the noise, the Ninja Blender was substantially noisier than the Vitamix. 

While we have worked out a head-on competition between the two blenders, the choice remains highly subjective and the consumer reserves all rights. However, our conclusion is inclined toward the Ninja for a budget deal as it is capable of delivering a stellar performance at a lesser cost. The Vitamix remains the professional though. 

Happy blending! 

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