How to make Iced Coffee in a Keurig

There is no dearth of recipes for the Keurig coffee makers. These devices can handle almost all kinds of coffee based recipes with minimalist work. In fact, the best Keurig coffee maker models have a special setting for iced coffee. Iced Coffee is basically the most important drink to cool you off during the summer. Moreover, we recommend that you leave everything behind and make yourself a cup of iced tea with your Keurig coffee maker. You will figure that there is nothing better than the peace it gives to you. Even if it’s winter, Iced Coffee is not going to be harmful to you. We mean to say that you should never forget to cool yourself off no matter what the weather.

Without enticing you further, let us now begin with the recipe. 

  • The estimated time required 

Keurig is best known for the short time in which it can get your favourite cup of coffee ready. For this recipe, depending on your pace of preparation, it is not going to take more than 10 minutes. 

  • The things that would be required 

There is of course a small list of items that you must keep ready in order that you come up with a flavourful cup of Iced Coffee. Let us examine what those things are: 

  • About 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar 
  • 2 tablespoons of milk 
  • Ice cubes, any desired amount 
  • One K-cup of coffee, preferably Green Mountain 

When these ingredients are ready, move over to your Keurig Coffee Maker for further directions. 

  • The process for brewing coffee 

Before we proceed, there is some information you need to get: A Keurig-Cuisinart machine has a special setting for Iced Coffee known as over-ice brew. 

We recommend that you stick to the instructions we have laid down here for a perfect brew: 

  • Start the Keurig coffee maker. This begins the process of heating water. While that happens, utilize the time to fill up ice cubes in the mug. 
  • An indicator will light up telling you that the water has reached the optimum temperature. By this time, you must keep the k-cup ready. Place the k-cup in position before starting to brew. 
  • From the various available sizes of brew, we recommend that you choose the one labelled iced-coffee. When chosen, kick off the brewing process by hitting the button. 
  • The coffee coming out from the machine will start depositing in the cup over ice cubes.  
  • Now you can top with some amount of cream and add sugar as may be necessary. 

This ends the brewing process for Iced Coffee. The cool drink is ready to mesmerize you with its unique charm. Do not forget to share the drink with your friends unless you were born Joey Tribbiani. Add-ons for the drink are based on your personal preferences. We are pretty confident that this much effort and the final product are ready to make your day.  

Now that you know the process, nothing should stop you from making it for yourself. Happy brewing!